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Pins & Needles


Pins & Needles


Pins & Needles


3 handy projects in one pattern: store knitting needles and crochet hooks in this handy case with many pockets in a variety of lengths and widths. Roll up and button closed to put away! Make our unique pincushion that is quick and easy and holds 8 spools of thread. Finally the straight needle case will hold 3 packs of needles and folds up with an elastic closure when done!

Materials List

1 yd. fabric (cases) ¾ yd. contrast fabric (pockets & pincushion) 1 yd. interlining ( cotton or polyester fleece ) 1 pkg. 1/8" elastic (cases) thread 1-1" button (knitting needle case) 2" - 1" wide Velcro (knitting needle case) polyfill stuffing (pincushion) hot glue (pincushion) 3 packages straight needles with plastic or Styrofoam bar (see photo) scraps of thin cardboard (straight needle case) fabric glue (straight needle case)

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